In a dynamic, fast evolving world, we get ahead of every task we face by devising cohesive strategic communication and media plans for our clients.  We can help you run impactful political campaigns, prevent and manage crises, and combined with effective reputation management, help you achieve your goals, in an collaborative and measurable manner.

With the suite of political advisory services we provide, we do not just set out blueprints, we also work to bring them to life.


In bringing uncompromising ingenuity and efficiency to political consulting, we priortise knowledge and sophisticated data operations to drive our activities at all times. From benchmark polls through to brushfire and 'real-time' tracking polls, we set out to do in-depth analysis of client-, state- and country-specific election campaigns so we have the data we need to properly craft and direct messaging and resources to meet the targets of our clients.

Data is everything to us.


We’re experts in developing and providing superior communication  and messaging strategies across all available media channels - old and new - in a way that not only resonates with the audience but also meets the needs of our clients.

In a fast paced world with an ever-shrinking news cycle, content - timed and targeted - is the secret to staying ahead of the competition. Here at Eagle Badger, our mastery of these secrets is how we we keep our clients ahead.